Victorian NeoClassic Cast Iron Radiators

Victorian Neo Classic Cast Iron RadiatorsTraditional Victorian Cast Iron Radiators - sometimes referred to as Neo Classic Cast Iron Radiators are perhaps the most popular of all cast iron radiators in the United Kingdom. These original castings were developed around 1900 after many decades of perfecting sand casting techniques. The skill required to produce slim elegant columns, perfectly parallel and smooth had to be perfected over a generation and was a closely guarded secret at the time.

Today the Victorian cast iron radiator or Neo Classic radiator comes in a variety of heights and in a number of different columns - allowing any home owner to use these castings in any setting.

Our Victorian cast iron radiators can be painted or polished according to your preference and are assembled to your exact requirements at our North Yorkshire Factory.

If you have any questions or would like us to help you with a quote for your project, call us now on 01723 321 000.
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