Sovereign Cast Iron Radiators

All Sovereign Cast Iron Radiators have a 25 year GuaranteeSovereign Cast Iron Radiators are we believe the best quality cast iron radiators available in the UK. Sovereign cast iron radiators have been used in National Trust buildings, English Heritage properties and in historic homes throughout the UK. Sovereign Cast Iron Radiators are cast in Europe at a state of the art foundry, using traditional moulds and using traditional processes. Whilst the casting of these historic cast iron radiators uses the same traditional processes as any other cast iron radiator, the difference is the rigour of quality control and the narrow tolerances when manufacturing a Sovereign Cast Iron Radiator. 

All Sovereign Cast Iron Radiators are assembled in the UK and finished at our factory in North Yorkshire. Sovereign cast iron radiators are available in 4 column, 6 column varieties and in range of decorative finishes.

These cast iron radiators are subject to additional quality control tests and have tighter tolerances - making them the best available in the UK. These cast iron radiators have a 25 year guarantee. 
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