Satin Polished Cast Iron Radiators

Satin Polished Cast Iron Radiators are polished in a 7 stage process on the visible sides of the cast iron radiator. The final shine is not applied leaving a beautiful satin or frosted polished surface.
Satin Polishing costs £19 per section on top of the primer price for your chosen cast iron radiators casting.
If you require a cast iron radiator to be Traditionally Polished, visit our Traditional Polished Cast Iron Radiators Section.
If you require a more intense polishing, visit our Mirror Polished Cast Iron Radiators.

Any of our Cast Iron Radiators can be treated with our Cast Iron Radiators Lacquered Finish. Over the last 18 months, we have worked with a professional metal finishing company from the automobile industry to develop a patent pending lacquer that can be applied to polished cast iron radiators to avoid oxidation. We are the only cast iron radiator company that offer truly maintenance free polished cast iron radiators.
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