Royal Regal Cast Iron Radiators

Royal Regal Cast Iron RadiatorsRegal and Royal cast iron radiators were developed in the 1930's as an adaption of the princess and duchess styles of cast iron radiators. 

Regal Cast Iron Radiators have the same clean lines of the prinecss cast iron radiator, but are on a much larger scale with angular shoulders and delicately decorated feet. The scale of the Regal and Royal cast iron radiators make them perfect for larger properties with higher ceilings because they have a very high water capacity delivering a high heat output.

Royal cast iron radiators are exactly the same castings as the Regal Cast Iron Radiator adorned with a scrolling juniper and floral motif.

Regal and Royal Cast Iron Radiators are manufactured in Europe and assembled in our North Yorkshire factory to your exact requirements. These cast iron radiators can be painted or polished according to your requirements and benefit from a market leading 25 year guarantee.

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