Prince and Princess Cast Iron Radiators

Prince and Princess Cast Iron RadiatorsPrincess cast iron radiators were first registered as a design by the American Radiator Company in 1902 in North America. The casting proved extremely popular and was manufactured in Europe at the Hull Radiator Factory owned by ARC untill after the second world war. 

Princess cast iron radiator became known as solid fin radiators or old school radiators and were extremely popular in public buildings where they were timeless, very efficient and perhaps most importantly - easy to keep clean.

Princess cast iron radiators were joined by the Prince cast iron radiator at some stage in the 1930's when the radiators were adorned with decorative ears - perfect for those entertaining rooms.

Larger houses can now benefit from a narror range of prince cast iron radiators. All of our radiators from the Prince and Princess range are available in several heights and can be finished in any colour or polished in several different styles.

The Prince and Princess range of cast iron radiators is perfect for the larger homes. It has simple stylish clean lines, strong legs and have large water capacity - which generate high heat output. The Princess Cast Iron Radiator and its newer relative the Prince Cast Iron Radiators have never gone out of fashion and probably never will.

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