Panel Radiator Heat Output Calculator


At Cast Iron Radiators Ltd we are regularly contacted by customers who are wanting to replace steel panel radiators for Cast Iron Radiators. This is increasingly popular for several reasons. Cast Iron Radiators have always been more traditional in appearance and more decorative than modern mass produced steel panel radiators. However, there is an increasing body of evidence that houses with steel panel radiators tend to have a higher number of respiratory diseases such as Asthma because they are more difficult to keep clean.

Step One: Select which existing panel radiators you have and measure them

If you are replacing your steel panel radiators for cast iron radiators, you should first work out what the heat output of the steel panel radiators you have and what you are therefore trying to replace. You can do this by using our steel panel heat output calculator at the bottom of the page. Firstly you should work out which steel panel radiators you have. The most common types are detailed in the below table:

Single Steel Panel Radiator Single Steel Panel Radiator with Convector Double Steel Panel Radiator
Single Steel Panel Radiator Single Convector Steel Panel Radiator Double steel panel radiator
Double Steel Panel Radiator with Convector Double Steel Panel Radiator with Double Convector Triple Steel Panel Radiator with Convectors
Single Convector Double Steel panel radiator Double Steel Panel Double convector Radiator Triple Steel Panel Radiator with triple Convector

Cast Iron Panel Radiators 


Step two: Use our calculator to determine the Watts or BTU heat output required

Next room by room, enter in the size of each panel radiator and the type of radiator you have. The below calculator will tell you both the Watt output and the BTU output of each radiator and the room you are working in.

Rad Width (CM) Height (CM) Radiator Type Heat Output - Watts / BTUs at Delta 60
1 cm cm Watts - BTUs
2 cm cm Watts - BTUs
3 cm cm Watts - BTUs
4 cm cm Watts - BTUs
5 cm cm Watts - BTUs

Total : Watts / BTUs


Step three: Call us on 01723 321 000 to discuss your requirements

Now that you know the required heat output you need in your room to replace your steel panel radiators you are ready to talk through your requirements with one of our helpful staff. We have over 100 different cast iron radiator castings to choose from which will suit any decor or interior and we are able to finish your cast iron radiator at our North Yorkshire factory in any paint colour, hand polished or a whole range of other beautiful finishes.