Manual versus thermostatic radiator valves or electric valves?

The sales staff here at Cast Iron Radiators Ltd are often asked the difference between manual and thermostatic radiator valves.

The answer is very simple as the names suggest manual valves allow you to turn the radiator on or off manually - the radiator is either on or off (regardless of the temperature in the room). Thermostatic radiator valves on the other hand contain a thermostat which turns the radiator on or off automatically depending on the temperature of the room. You set your desired temperature by turning the valve to the setting you would like, then when the room reaches that temperature the radiator turns itself off. As the room cools it turns the radiator back on again.

Thermostatic Radiator valves are more efficient and better for the environment as they turn the radiator off when it is not needed, saving you money and helping you save energy.

We have a wide range of electric valves and some programmable valves. Electric valves can be added to a double lock shield valve and be programmed.

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