Lavish Luxury Cast Iron Radiators

luxury lavish cast iron radiatorsOur Luxury Range of Cast Iron Radiators are the most decorative and opulent of all of our cast iron radiators. These incorporate exquisite decorative elements making them perfect feature elements in any room. If you want to make an instant and lasting impression - get these polished and they will be a high point in any environment.

Luxury cast iron radiators are historic and traditional castings from the golden era of cast iron radiators where historic foundries tried to differentiate their products from the next foundry. Such castings can be found in the most impressive surroundings.

All our cast iron radiators are assembled and finished at our factory in North Yorkshire to your exact requirements.

If you would like any more detail, would like to purchase a sample or visit our showroom in North Yorkshire - please call us on 01723 321 000.

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