Hand Polished Verona Cast Iron Radiators in a variety of finishes

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Hand polished Verona Cast Iron Radiators are perhaps our most popular polished design because of its intricate decorative casting. The hand polishing process brings out all of the detail of this cast iron radiator which was originally manufactured in Massachusetts, USA by the American Radiator Company in the 1890s. This truly remarkable design features cherubs, dragons and lions entwined together with vines running throughout the decoration.

Verona Cast Iron RadiatorTraditional Hand Polished Cast Iron Radiators are polished on the top, ends and front side. This type of polishing is the most common hand polishing as only those areas that are easily accessible are polished. Visit our Traditional Hand Polished cast iron radiators section for more information on this.

- Satin Polished Cast Iron Radiators are hand polished to an off shine finish or frosted sheen. For more information, visit our Satin Polished Cast Iron Radiators Section.

- Mirror polished cast iron radiators are polished an additional 3 times to a near mirror finish. This exceptional sparkle gives an extra shine to the cast iron radiators. For more information on this, visit our Mirror Finish Cast Iron Radiators Section.

Any of our cast iron radiators can be treated with our unique patent pending Lacquer. In association with metal finishers in the automobile industry, we have developed a lacquered finish for cast iron radiators which is unique in the UK. Lacquering cast iron radiators so that they do not require any ongoing maintenance is extremely difficult. Our Lacquering finish is guaranteed and we are so confident with this process that we even encourage its use on bathroom cast iron radiators where the chance of oxidation is maximised.

To purchase this cast iron radiator, select the finish you require and the number of sections. If you require more than one cast iron radiator - click on the links above to build cast iron radiators individually.

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