Electric Sovereign 4 Column 480mm Cast Iron Radiators with 1200W Heating Element

£381.60 (inc. VAT)

Electric Sovereign 480mm 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators with 1200W Heating Element

Radiator Height: 480mm or 19 inches

Radiator Depth: 144mm or 6 7/8 inches

Arrives painted, tested and assembled with all bleed valves, bushels and end caps.

Requires the electric heating element to be fitted and filling with water on site .

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Electric Sovereign 4 Column 480mm Cast Iron Radiators with 1200W Heating Element
Traditional 480mm Sovereign 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators, supplied with a 1200W Heating Element are a great alternative where it is not possible or too expensive to plumb in your cast iron radiators. Our calculations suggest that these Cast Iron Radiators will heat up to operating temperature in approximately one hour.

About our Electric Cast Iron Radiators

Many of our Cast Iron Radiators can be converted to Electric Cast Iron Radiators by adding one of our heating elements. There are limitations when using an electric heating element. Firstly, the cast iron radiator needs to be long enough to house the heating element and secondly, the heating element needs to be powerful enough to heat the cast iron radiator in a reasonable amount of time.

Not all of our castings are suitable for using with a heating element. The maximum operating temperature for electric cast iron radiators is 65 degrees Centigrade, meaning that they have a slightly lower heat output than the same radiator used in a traditional wet plumbing system. 

The time it takes to heat the radiator to operating temperature depends on several factors: the weight of iron in the radiator, the volume of water it contains, the wattage of the heating element, and the typical heat output of the cast iron radiator.

The larger the radiator the higher the heat output once the radiator reaches operating temperature, but the longer it will take for the radiator to reach this temperature and the more electricity will be required to keep it at this temperature. If the radiator is too large for the heating element it will never get hot. 

We have done the calculations to help you choose the best radiator for your situation:
Number of Columns 10 11 12  13  14 15
Heat output Watts (ΔT=45) 550 watts  605watts 660 watts   715watts  770watts 825 watts 
Heat output BTU (ΔT=45) 1860 BTU 2046 BTU 2232 BTU 2418 BTU 2604 BTU 2790 BTU
Internal water volume 6.7l 7.37l 8.04l 9.71l 9.38l 10.05l
Approx. Weight of Iron 42.8kg 47kg 51.2kg 55.4Kg 59.6Kg 63.8Kg
Estimated Time to reach operating Temperature (1200W HE) 38-45mins 44-52mins 49-59mins 56-68mins 63-78mins 71-90mins

Further information can be found on our blog: Electric heated cast iron radiators are delivered assembled, with seperate electric elements and end caps. Fitting instructions are supplied so that you can locate your cast iron radiator and then fill it up with water and attached the electric heating element.
  • End Caps, and touch up paint all included as standard
  • Victorian reproduction cast iron radiators
  • Hand-built and delivered assembled
  • Tested to conform to BS EN442-1 & BS EN444-2
  • Pressure tested to 8 bar
  • 10 year guarantee

We have a strict quality control process to ensure that alll cast iron radiators are of the highest quality. All radiators are delivered to you fully assembled and tested in accordance with the British standard. They also have a full 10 year guarantee to ensure peace of mind for years to come.

Orders can be placed online or you are welcome to call our friendly staff on 01723 321000 who will be happy to assist you. If you would like a different colour or finish - please search for princess cast iron radiators or review our related products at the bottom of this page.

Delivery is made using a pallet service, delivery time does change according to the time of year and how busy our North Yorkshire factory is at the time of your order. Please contact us directly on 01723 321 000 if you need your cast iron radiators within 14 days.

Optional stays and can also be added to this order. 

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Brand Cast Iron Radiators
Code S4C-480-10-PMRE
Condition New
Weight 10kg