Duchess and Countess Cast Iron Radiators

Countess Duchess Cast Iron RadiatorsDuchess Cast Iron Radiators emerged in the early 20th century as a slight adaption of the Princess Cast Iron Radiators with a slightly shorter section length and more decorative legs. Narrow versions of the popular Duchess Cast Iron Radiators allow this casting to be used throughout even the largest properties.

In the 1930s a 'Decorated Duchess' design was registered for those wanting designer cast iron radiators that were slightly more elaborate for living rooms, dining rooms and other entertaining rooms. This became known as the Countess Cast Iron Radiator and features a similar shorter section length, decorative legs and a delicately cast floral - foliage across the shoulders of the casting and rising from the feet.

Assembled to your exact requirements at our North Yorkshire factory, these beautiful historic cast iron radiators can be finished in any colour or polished in a range of different styles.

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