Cast Iron Radiators Ltd Sustainability

sustainable manufacturing of cast iron radiatorsCast Iron Radiators have always worked with partners and suppliers to lower our impact on the planet.

Clean Power
Choosing clean power is one of the biggest things that can be done to lower ones impact on the plant. All of the energy used at our factory is supplied by providers of sustainable energy with a carbon neutral footprint. Furthermore we offer our customers the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of the casting and delivery of their radiators through a tree planting partnership.

Recycled Materials
All of our castings are made using recycled metal from ethical sources. We can confirm that our supply chain does not profit from forced labour and that we work with foundries to lower their impact on the planet. Zero emission electric furnaces are used in all our foundries and millions of pounds have been invested over the last few years in emission reduction technology. Casting foundries are no longer the smoke stacks of Victorian England.

Managing Waste
Managing waste is a key component of lowering ones impact on the planet. All our waste goes to a registered recycling agent. We monitor and measure our waste output as part of a waste control policy. Our company waste recycling policy has an annual target of 98%. We work with local partners to ensure that we meet this target and last year we exceeded it attaining a 99.2% rate of recycling. We are working both with our partners and competitors across the industry to share our experiences and successes with methods of recycling some of the by-products of our manufacturing processes.

Emissions are inevitable and an unavoidable result of painting so we take every effort to minimise our VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) output. This includes in-house recycling of paint thinners and solvents – a policy which we have promoted to other companies in the Cast Iron Radiators industry. Furthermore, where ever possible, we use water based paints which have a much lower VOC output and we have developed processes where the emissions of polishing and painting can be controlled and minimised.

​​​​​​Looking after the pennies is a sensible way of running any business, but we have taken this good business practice to the next level, encouraging all staff to switch off lights and computers when they are not in use, insulating buildings for heat retention and using the lowest energy certified LEDs throughout the internal lighting system.

Water Consumption
The World Economic Forum has highlighted water scarcity as one of the largest threats that could impact on our lives over the next decade. We have developed innovative factory processes to drastically reduce our water consumption. Since our first year of trading, we have upgraded processes and invested in technology that has reduced our water consumption by 96.5% for each cast iron radiator that leaves our factory.

We only have one planet and it is the duty of all of us to take responsibility for our impact on the planet and to try to reduce it. As cast iron radiators are made of fully recycled materials and have a life of up to 10 times that of alternative heating facilities they are the natural choice for those who are concerned about the environment.