Cast Iron Radiators Ltd - Hand Polished Range

Cast Iron Radiators Limited, the UK's leading manufacturer of Cast Iron Radiators have launched a new Hand Polished Range.

The perfect full polished cast iron radiators or hand burnished cast iron radiators effect is very difficult to master on the range of over 50 different Cast Iron Radiators that we manufacture. Therefore, over the last couple of months we have been working with a specialist metal polishing firm to perfect the hand polished effect.

To compliment this exciting new range of hand polished cast iron radiators we have produced a series of videos for each product. An example of these product videos is right:

Hand polished cast iron radiators are more expensive than painted cast iron radiators because of the significant amount of additional work that goes into the finishing. Every section has to be done individually and, depending upon the specific design, a section can take as long as an hour before our strict quality control standards are fulfilled.

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Cast Iron Radiators Limited is a UK company based in Scarborough, committed to producing the finest cast iron radiators and giving the finest customer service.