Cast Iron Radiator Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to have my Cast Iron Radiators restored?

Prices for restoration of Cast Iron Radiators start at £120 inc VAT.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01723 321000.


2. What does the restoration process involve?

Cast Iron Radiator restoration involves working with both the inside and outside of your radiator.

The exact process required is dependent on each individual radiator and the customer’s requirements. It usually involves stripping the radiator, using high pressured water and chemicals to flush the inside of the radiator, replacement of any broken sections or leaking gaskets, and application of the required finish to the radiator’s exterior.

To read about the restoration process in more detail, please click here.


3. I think my original Cast Iron Radiators may be broken; can they be restored to their original working condition?

We can restore both original and reproduction broken / damaged Cast Iron Radiators to their original fully working condition. Damaged sections and leaking gaskets can be replaced, and the radiator flushed to ensure it works to its maximum efficiency once again.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01723 321000.


4. My Cast Iron Radiators are reproductions, can they still be restored?

We can restore reproduction Cast Iron Radiators, as well as original ones.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01723 321000.


5. How can I guarantee that my restored Cast Iron Radiator will be fully working and continue to do so?

We provide a 10 year guarantee on all of our restored Cast Iron Radiators, as we are so confident in the efficiency and results of our work.


6. How much experience do you have of restoring Cast Iron Radiators?

The team here at Cast Iron Radiators Ltd have over ten years experience of restoring both original and reproduction Cast Iron Radiators. Over that time we have evolved our processes and increased our range of tools and machinery in order to be able to provide what we believe to be the best restoration service available.