Cast Iron Radiator Aerosol Paint

£24.00 (inc. VAT)
Cast Iron Radiators Aerosol paint - colour matched to your cast iron radiator.
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Cast Iron Radiator Aerosol Paint

All of our award winning Cast Iron Radiators are shipped with a small pot of touch up paint so that if there are any small scuffs or scratches that appear on site during installation, these can be corrected.

We also offer aerosol cans of genuine Cast Iron Radiator paint. These will last longer allowing you to correct small scratches in future years and are true colour matches. Moreover, an aerosol can will generally give a better paint finish than touch up paint.

  • Genuine Colour Matched Cast Iron Radiators paint
  • Huge range of additional colours as required
  • extended shelf life when compared to a touch up pot
  • Superior finish than traditional touch up paint pot.

Cast Iron Radiators Ltd strongly recommend purchasing a tin of aerosol paint with each cast iron radiator. Shipping on Aerosol Paint cans is £20 because specialist courier firms are required to send paint. Shipping is free if purchased with a cast iron radiator.

Brand Cast Iron Radiators
Condition New
Weight 2kg