Carrying Cast Iron Radiators

Your cast iron radiators will be delivered packaged and on a pallet using our pallet network partners. It is essential that when your cast iron radiators arrive you check them thoroughly for damage. Unpack them immediately and stand each cast iron radiator up inspecting it for damage. In the unlikely event of your cast iron radiators being damaged, please call us immediately on 01723 321 000 to discuss this.

It is essential that you or your tradesmen carry your cast iron radiators into your property correctly. There is often a hurry to get traditional radiators into a property quickly - it is essential that you carry your radiators correctly. All Cast Iron Radiators are pressure tested before they leave our factory. Cast Iron Radiators are very heavy. If you carry your radiators whilst they are horizontal, this can stress the joints in the middle of your radiator which may make your radiator leak. When these cast iron radiators are returned to us it is obvious that they have been carried incorrectly on site.

The best way to carry a cast iron radiator is to obtain two short lengths of wood each a little wider than the cast iron radiator. Then add some of the soft packaging material to the lengths of wood and then insert the lengths of wood at either end as shown below:
 carrying a stick within the end sections of the cast iron radiator

With two pieces of wood, one at or near either end, two individuals can carry most cast iron radiators as shown below:
correct way to carry a cast iron radiator

For extremely large and heavy cast iron radiators, a third piece of wood can be added towards the centre of the radiator and four people can carry a traditional radiator with one on either side.
This is the correct way to carry a cast iron radiator and can be used to carry a traditional radiator up stairs and through doorways.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01723 321 000