Ardenbrite Traditional Metallic Cast Iron Radiators

Ardenbrite Metallic Painted Cast Iron RadiatorsCast Iron Radiators have been painted using Ardenbrite paint since 1927. Ardenbrite paint is simply the finest metallic paint available and always has been. Its patented finish gives a lustre and real metallic coating that is just unique.

Ardenbrite Metallic painted cast iron radiatorsWhen you visit historic national trust homes or other great British houses and see traditional radiators, you are almost certainly looking at Ardenbrite painted cast iron radiators as restoration experts generally insist on this rage of original colours in the most historic settings as it remains the original and the best. Indeed, Ardenbrite Green Gold Paint is the only paint sanctioned by restoration bodies as an alternative to gold leafing.

These traditional paint colours may have been copied by many modern Cast Iron Radiator manufacturers in an effort to drive down prices - but these remain the original paint finish for metallic cast iron radiators. Call us on 01723 321 000 to discuss your requirements. 
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