Step Three - Choose cast iron radiator AccessoriesChoose your Cast Iron Radiator Accessories

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Essentials: Wall Stays

Wall StaysWhilst your cast iron radiator probably has feet, we strongly recommend attaching your cast iron radiator to the wall using a wall stay. Cast Iron Radiators are very very heavy items, it is essential that you tie it into the wall to ensure that there is absolutely no lateral movement in the radiator. If you have young children who may be tempted to swing on the cast iron radiator - this is very important.

We have two types of Wall stay - Standard Wall Stays compliment the radiator beautifully and are available in several different colours. Economy wall stays in steel will also do the job but generally customers paint these radiator stays after fitting them as they are not as decorative. Click Here to view our full range of Stays.

Essentials: Radiator Valves

Manual Radiator Valves Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Manual Radiator Valves Thermostatic Radiator Valves

As the UKs leading manufacturer of cast iron radiators we are also one of the leading importers and distributors of period radiator valves. Radiator Valves are split into Manual and Thermostatic Valves.

Most people choose Thermostatic Valves which will ensure small amounts of flow through the valve when temperatures are cold - this will ensure that you radiator should not freeze.

A Manual valve can physically be turned off. You must be careful to ensure that your radiator does not freeze in winter if a manual valve is switched off.

Once you have selected whether you want a Thermostatic Radiator Valve or Manual Radiator Valve, there are several broad group of radiator valves available in different colours to match your cast iron radiators. These 'families' of radiator vales are detailed below:
Bentley Radiator ValvesCrocus Radiator ValvesThrottle Radiator ValvesTraditional Radiator ValvesYork Radiator Valves
All of our valves are sold in pairs including a Valve and a Lock shield.

Optional: Pipe Shrouds

Depending upon how neat your pipe work is, you may wish to consider a Pipe Shroud. Pipe Shrouds are purely cosmetic and fit over your pipe work to make your pipe work match your radiator valve. Generally pipe work is Copper, so if you order Black Nickel Valves, it is very common to order a Black Nickel Pipe Shroud. If your pipe work comes out of your floor loosely, a pipe shroud will cover up the movement in your pipe work and any oversized hole in the floor.
Click here for our full range of pipeshrouds.

Optional: Decorative End Caps

Decorative End Caps on Cast Iron RadiatorsYour cast iron radiators will be supplied with standard blank end caps as standard.

We have a range of decorative end caps which add a touch of decoration to any cast iron radiator.

Decorative end caps are particularly effective on polished cast iron radiators and can really finish off a polished cast iron radiator beautifully. The decorative end cap features an intricately cast stylised flower surrounded by a rope border.

Our decorative end caps are not available for all of our cast iron radiators as these only fit cast iron radiators with a certain thread count in the joining thread. If you are uncertain, please contact us on 01723 321 000.


Optional: Decorative Bleed Valve

Luxury Bleed ValveYour Cast Iron Radiators will be supplied with a standard Bleed Valve to allow you to take air out of the cast iron radiator when air gets into your system.

We have a range of Decorative Bleed Valves that are a more historic shape. Our Decorative Bleed Valves are not available for all of our cast iron radiators. If you are uncertain, please contact us on 01723 321 000. 


Other items: Wall Hanging Stays

Wall Hanging StayThe vast majority of our cast iron radiators are requested as freestanding with legs at either end. We can, by request, produce wall hanging cast iron radiators if purchased with one of our European made Wall Hanging Stays.

When fitted correctly these Wall Hanging Stays are specially designed to hold the heaviest cast iron radiator even full of water.

Wall Hanging Stays are available in three sizes subject to the weight of the radiator and the depth of the cast iron radiator off of the wall. If you are not sure which cast iron radiator wall stay is suitable for you, please call us on 01723 321 000.

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