Step 1 - Choose a cast iron radiatorCast Iron Radiators Purchasing Guide

We stock the widest range of cast iron radiators and the widest range of finishes in the UK - we pride ourselves at providing great choice at honest value. However, this huge choice of cast iron radiators and finishes can be challenging to navigate. Below is a brief guide in choosing the right cast iron radiators and the right finish for you. This guide assumes you have read the frequently asked questions section of this site.

Choose the right Casting for you.

You may know exactly what type of Cast Iron Radiator you want, in which case, scroll down to the Choose the right Finish for you section.
Our cast iron radiators are split into broad groups - Column Radiators, Old School Radiators and Decorative Radiators - within these groups there are families of cast iron radiators.
- Column Radiators generally represent the best value for money, have a relatively high surface area resulting in a relatively high heat output and are available in a very wide variety of heat outputs, heights and several different traditional styles. 
- Old School Radiators feature large bulky sections which make them a great choice for polishing; they were traditionally used in public buildings (hence the name) because they are easy to clean and look great in virtually any location. There tends to be few height options with old school radiators making them not suitable for some houses.
- Decorative Radiators feature intricate and ornate casting details in a wide range of styles. Decorative Cast Iron Radiators were traditionally placed in halls, living rooms and rooms for entertaining. 

Ornate Radiators old school radiators Column Radiators
Ornate Radiators Old School Radiators Traditional Column Radiators
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