02/09/2018 Steel Panel Radiator Calculator

Cast Iron Radiators are today launching a useful tool to help those that want to replace those steel panel radiators with cast iron radiators. We receive this request on a daily basis as more and more evidence emerges that Steel panel radiators are difficult to clean and may contribute to respiratory conditions such as asthma.

When replacing steel panel radiators you should first work out what the heat output of those radiators is and then choose a cast iron radiator that will have the same heat output.


panel radiator calculatorOur new Steel Panel Heat output calculator allows you to choose the type of steel panel radiator, then enter in the size of each radiator in a room in CM. The calculator will then give you the Watt output and the BTU heat output that you need in your new beautiful cast iron radiators.

Alternatively you can use out room BTU heat calculator or just give us a call on 01723 321 000 to discuss your requirements.

Visit our Steel Panel Heat output Calculator by clicking here.