Energy Saving Tips for an Affordable Winter

With forecasters predicting one of the coldest winters for decades and energy suppliers retaining high prices, making sure you can stay warm this winter is a growing concern without breaking the bank. Even with a shiny new set of cast iron radiators and an efficient central heating system, the cost of heating your home against the growing winter chill is likely to rise.

Thankfully, we have some handy hints and tips to help you get the most out of your heating and ensure you stay warm and cosy this winter.

Set your temperature

European Cast Iron Radiator Vavlves

Manual European Cast Iron Radiator Vavlves

For many people, when they put their heating on it goes on at full blast.  Running your heating at high temperatures is inefficient when you can be comfortable by shaving a few degrees of thermostat setting and save yourself a packet into the bargain.


Generally speaking, the most comfortable home temperature is at around 20.5° C.   For a good night’s sleep, setting your temperature at around 18° C is ideal.  If you have the ability to set a timer on your heating, setting it to switch off after you go to bed and come on an hour before you get up will help to save you some money overnight. If your heating system doesn’t have a timer, these are inexpensive, easy to fit and will pay for themselves in the first year.

Keep up your maintenance

A heating system that is running properly will cost you less in fuel bills than one that is poorly maintained.  Regular checks and servicing of your boiler and central heating system can save you between 10 and 20 per cent off your overall heating bills.

While it pays to get a properly qualified heating engineer in once a year, there are things you can do yourself to keep things running like clockwork.  Checking your cast iron radiators for cold spots and bleeding the air from them regularly if it builds up will ensure that you’re getting the best out of your heating.

Minimise heat loss

Half the battle is putting enough heat into your home, the other half of the battle is keeping it there.

Cast Iron Radiators Below Window

Cast Iron Radiators Below Window

With heat escaping you’re going to be spending money hand over fist to replace what is lost.  Making sure that you are trapping the heat in your home rather than letting it run away is an important part of making sure you are using your heating efficiently.

Try not to cover those beautiful cast iron radiators, this will effect the thermostats in your valves or in your home.

The main route through which most heat from homes is lost is at the windows.  Put your hand in front of a window in the winter and you will feel the cold radiating from it.  The best thing to do to stop all of your heat from escaping outside is to ensure your curtains are drawn while your heating is on.

Thermal lined curtains will ensure heat is retained in the room.  If your cast iron radiators are beneath your windows as they are in most homes, make sure that your curtains do not cover the radiators when they are closed.  Curtains should be drawn, but placed on top of your cast iron radiators.

Draft excluders under doors – especially outside doors – will pay for themselves in the first few months over winter.


With a new set of cast iron radiators bringing heat into your home is what you will need to make the most of the benefits they can bring.  Taking our tips can make sure that your home is heated effectively and efficiently. This will enable you to keep control of your fuel bills as the temperature outside your door drops to below zero through one of the coldest winters that Britain has experienced in many years.